Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For Single Mom In Canada

Are you a single mother in Canada? Are you looking for the Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For Single Mom In Canada? This article is for you. In this article, I will be providing you with the Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For Single Mom In Canada.

As a single mom in Canada, it may be hard to take the responsibility of both parents to take care of your kids. So, with these Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For Single Mom In Canada, you can be able to take care of your kids on your own.

Canada is a country where they pay people highly. They do not only pay people highly for the sake of paying but they pay you based on your performance. So, apply for the Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For A Single Mom In Canada and start working.

As a single mother, you can use your payment to cover the cost of living for both you and your children. These well-paying jobs make it easy for a single mother to manage her finance and nurture her kids. You can also cover the cost of food, clothing, and shelter for you and your children.

Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For Single Mom In Canada

What Are The Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For Single Moms In Canada?

With these jobs, a single mom in Canada can support her family. Though it is not easy alone, she can balance work and family time easily. Many high-paying jobs are ideal for single moms in Canada. They include:

  • Healthcare Professional.
  • Realtor.
  • School Administrative Assistant.
  • Bookkeeper.
  • Travel Agent.
  • Social Media Specialist.
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Teacher.

Healthcare Professional

Working as a Healthcare Professional is a well-paying job for a single mom. There are also many available options like lab technicians, medical assistants, and office assistants.

Some of them are part-time so, you have time to spend with your kids which reduce the chances of you searching for childcare options. However, you need to have a degree and you must have working experience in clinical medical practice.


This is another job that pays single moms well. Real estate offices have different hours of work which means that you are not very busy 24/7.

However, you need to work around other individuals’ schedules. As a single mom, you can earn more money and still take care of your kids easily because as a single mom, you need to be able to juggle your time.

School Administrative Assistant

As a School Administrative Assistant, you will be working around school hours as well as school holidays in a stressful but enjoyable environment just like a teacher.

You will have to arrange and manage whatever comes your way. As a single mother, you can work as a School Administrative Assistant and you also get paid well.


Being a bookkeeper is another well-paying job for a single mom in Canada. You will be operating in an office and you also can set your own time for the remaining years. You get paid well and you can also create as much time for your kids.

Travel Agent

A travel agent is another well-paying job in Canada. You can adjust your hours and choose whether or not you want to work from home. Working from home means that you can always have your eyes and time for your kids. You can also choose to work not far from your home.

Social Media Specialist

Becoming a social media specialist is also one of the best jobs for a single mom in Canada. You can work in and out of the office. There are positions in which you can work freelance or part-time. You can cover the cost of expenses with the payment you get from being a Social media specialist.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is another high and well-paying job for single moms in Canada. As a virtual assistant, you will provide customer service, sales-related support, and administrative support to agencies. Companies and people in telecommuting roles and freelance contact are also involved. This means that you will provide these services through contact or telecommuting roles.

Graphic Designer

As a single mom in Canada, you can spend time with your kids as well as work as a graphic designer. It is well-paying and stress-free.

You can design brochures for websites and also print media. This is for businesses. You can also make money at home or the office. And you have troublesome kids, by the time you arrive at home, they would be sleeping.

Dental Hygienist

You can make a very nice income as a dental hygienist in Canada. They are also available in part-time options so, you can work and still have time for your children. You also earn more to take up the responsibility alone.


Being a teacher is a bonus for you as a single mom in Canada. Let me tell you a little secret. Jobs in the education sector are well and high paying so, you can work as a teacher in Canada and earn more to take care of yourself and your family.

How To Apply

Thanks to technology, applying for jobs is now a piece of cake. Furthermore, there are different online job websites that foreigners and single moms from around the world can use. Moreover, from the comfort of your home, you can apply for and work these jobs.

So, to begin with, you can select the job website of your choice. However, Indeed is the overall best when it comes to that area. Next, visit its official website and register. Once you sign up, you can search for jobs online and work in Canada.

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