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Twitter Search – How To Use Twitter Search

Are you aware that you can search on twitter and filter your results clicking top, latest, accounts/people, photos, or videos located at the top of your search results? Every minute, on average over six thousand tweets are sent on Twitter, which translates to over 500 million tweets per day. Do you know you could search every single one of them? Twitter is such an amazing platform, yet only a few people know that that the twitter advanced search tool helps to find exactly what they are looking for. Twitter search is a moneymaker for marketers and small business owners.

Twitter Search - How To Use Twitter Search

On the contrary, Twitter is a social media platform and microblogging service where users post and interact with messages known as ‘’tweets’’. However, only registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets while unregistered users can only read them. Twitter provides you with the latest news and information from breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics. Meanwhile, you can make use of Twitter search to find the latest news and world events faster. Find famous celebrities, hashtags, and pictures for any subject you can imagine.

Twitter Search Overview

There are numerous ways to use this app. Users can find Tweets from friends, local businesses, and everyone from well-known entertainers to global political leaders. By searching for topic keywords or hashtags, you can follow ongoing conversations about trending news or individual interests. In other to keep your search relevant, twitter filters search results for quality tweets and accounts. Material that jeopardizes search quality or creates a bad experience for other people may be automatically removed from the platform.  

It gives you control over what you see in your search results through a safe search mode. The filters dismiss potentially sensitive content, along with accounts you have muted or blocked, from your search results. You have the choice to turn it off, or back on, at any time. When you’re logged in to your account on the net, using search is a little different than using it via the Twitter for IOS or Android apps.

Can I Search Twitter Without An Account?

To get direct access to Twitter without an account, just go straight to Twitter’s search page. If you know someone’s twitter username, such as “@username” as seen on websites and business cards, type “” in your Web browser and type the username, replacing the “@” with a slash.

What Are Twitter Search Rate Limits?

In order to prevent abuse, there is a limit on how you can search for tweets from a single network address. If you visit Twitter from an event or conference, you may be sharing the same network address with many people. In some of these cases, you may run into a problem with the Twitter search rate limiting.

How to Use Twitter Search

This portal is available to everyone. You can use Twitter search whenever you log in to It allows you to modify search results to specific date ranges, people, and more. This makes it easier to find specific Tweets.

  • Input your search into the search bar on Twitter search.
  • Your results will show a combination of Tweets, pictures, accounts, and lots more.
  • Select your results by clicking Top, Latest, People, Photos, or Videos (located at the top of your search results).
  • Tap the Search filters options to filter your results from anyone or People you follow, and Anywhere or Near you. Additionally, you can select a different language or do an Advanced search.
  • Tap the more icon on the right-hand side of the search results page for more options.
  • Tap Search settings to disable (or re-enable) safe search to filter your search results.
  • The Search settings comprise of Hide sensitive content and Remove blocked and muted accounts.
  • Tap the ‘Save this search’ button to save your search term.
  • Finally, tap Embed this search to create a search widget for a website.

In conclusion, the Twitter search intends to bring you closer to the content most relevant to you. Its results are refined to combat spam and increase relevance to provide the best possible search experience. It does not inject specific Tweets into search.


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